Warehousing service in Thailand

The possibility of a shifting shipment: Whether it is a move with personal effects or a professional project, it is possible to ship your furniture before your departure. Once your goods reach Thailand, you may not have a direct use of them: later planning, a commercial partner that is not yet ready, and so on. You have the possibility to store your shipment in our warehouses.

Your effects safely

Once transported to Bangkok, your goods can be stored in one of our warehouses, guarded 24 hours a day, protecting from bad weather and fires, while waiting that you (or a third party) come to retrieve them. This is a simple solution, which avoids all the problems related to a reception or a move that will not happen in the immediate future. Tailored storage: It is entirely possible, in Bangkok, to customize your storage so that it meets your expectations: packaging, size, container ... Many choices are available to you to be able to entrust your goods safely. Therefore, we recommend you list every unit of shipment in order to insure you will find all your goods.

warehousing thailand


A customizable withdrawal

Once you arrive in Thailand, two choices are available: you can decide to pick up your belongings by yourself, or entrust us with the task of delivering them to the place of your choice in complete safety. Thanks to our numerous collaborators, we will be able to decide with you the best solution for your needs, to receive your goods safely and proper conditions.