Packing service

Packaging – The key of a proper shipment

It is essential for exporters to be aware that international transport involves some requirements on the goods to be packed. It is necessary to keep in mind four possible problems which may occur when making a packaging: theft, humidity, breakage and / or excess weight.

In general, merchandise is transported in containers, but it may be shipped with various goods. Apart from the handling encountered during transit, a bulk consignment via sea freight can be loaded onto a ship by a sling or net, chute or conveyor, which can exert pressure on the package. During the journey, the goods can be stacked or meet others. On land, handling facilities may be older and the cargo may be trained, pushed, rolled, or even dropped during unloading.

Often buyers are familiar with port systems and are aware of the risks and specificities of packaging. When packaging is not prescribed, it must be ensured that the prepared products follow these guidelines:

- Ensure that the weight is evenly distributed in the container
- Packaging must be solid, and filled appropriately (sealed if possible)
- The packaging must resist moisture
- The goods should, if possible, be containerized and palletized
- Packaging requirements for hazardous products must be met
- To avoid theft, it is preferable to avoid marking the contents or the marks present in the packaging. It is also possible to use angles, filming or joints.


Air shipments generally require less heavy packaging than marine shipments, but must also be adequately protected, even more so when they are fragile. In most cases, standard packaging is accepted, especially if the product is durable. In other cases, some assets must be protected by bubble paper to cushion potential shocks.

Finally, since the transport cost is calculated from volume and weight, light packing materials have been developed for export. They strengthen protection while saving weight. For both individuals and professionals, it is strongly recommended to use the services of experts in the trade to pack the goods if the supplier has not planned to do so.

The packaging is considered as one of the most important step

Thus, we offer the following services:

- Custom Packaging
- Heavy product packaging
- Packaging for automotive parts
- Packaging for fragile products
- Wooden boxes
- Fumigation for wooden goods
- Packing for removal
- Packaging for stainless steel products