Door to Door service

Door-to-door service or the peace of mind

Our woldwide network of partners enables us to offer you door-to-door service. This is an all-inclusive offer. Thus, we offer services that start at the place you decide (at your supplier, in your warehouse or even at your home). Your effects are then transported to an address you determine. It can also be your local, your home or a client).

We offer you the best service of Thailand. The door-to-door service allows you to send your goods around the world, regardless of which route to take or destination (island, mountains)

We take care of all the necessary documents for the transport of your merchandise (commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates, customs documents, Bill of lading, etc.). Then, all the part related to loading, handling and unloading is carried out, at the airports or ports located near your place of delivery, before carrying out customs clearance on import or export. We guarantee a freight service to all the ports and airports of the world in record time. Finally, your goods are transported to their destination.

door-to-door shipping thailand

Customs duties and taxes payable by the shipper are determined by the declared value of your goods shipped and the cost of the freight.

We carry out all your shipments with the utmost care in terms of packaging, transport or administrative documents (custom clearance).

For shipments weighing less than 150 kg, we also offer door-to-door service. Thanks to our network, we offer a service in partnership with the biggest international companies, such as TNT, Fedex or DHL. We guarantee ultra-competitive prices while guaranteeing you the highest quality of service.

We provide you with all the information you need to know about our products and services.

The door-to-door service is the easiest option