Air Freight

Air cargo in Thailand

In contrast to ocean freight, air freight allows goods to be shipped in a relatively short period of time. They are expensive, usually used to send small packages (eg excess baggage for travelers) or sensitive goods, such as pharmaceuticals requiring to be kept at low temperatures. To ensure maximum safety, the goods generally require modular packaging.

Air freight is then carried out in two stages.

Volumetric weight and actual weight:

To make an accurate estimation, it is necessary to calculate the ratio between the volumetric weight and the actual weight. Indeed, the taxable weight will be calculated from the most important of the two. To give you a notion of these two elements, here is the basis of calculation:

- Gross weight: the actual weight (in kilograms or tones)

- Volumetric weight: Volume in CBM x 167

Once brought to the airport, your goods are measured, checked and weighed. As with any goods loaded on an aircraft, they will be checked by an X-ray machine or a decompression chamber. This has no impact on your shipment.

air freight


The air container:

Once you have passed this stage, your goods are containerized, on giant pallets, in an air container and handed over to the airlines. The export documents are then presented to the customs authorities, which will complete the customs formalities. An examination is carried out by customs to ensure that the goods sent are not illegal in the country concerned. As for maritime bundling, before the departure, a number is allocated to each box or carton to ensure its follow-up throughout the transit. It is thus possible to know where to find the goods and when.