About Us

Who we are


We are Royaltainer corporation co.ltd, a company operating in over 150 countries worldwide, providing great shipping experience to our clients.


-          CLMV Connectivity, specialize in Ranong Port to Mayanmar

-          Freight Forwarder and Logistic Provider (air & sea )

-          Consolidation / Master loader

-          Buyers Consolidator, Import & Export Licence

-          Warehousing / Packing / Door to Door

-          Customs Broker / Local transport / Freight Insurance

-          Cross Trade / Tran-shipment / Triangle Biz

-          Connect to the world thru our Global networks

-          TIFFA member (Thai International FFWD Associate),

established 1994.

Sea Freight


Sea freight benefit Royaltainer corporation Thailand enhances with global freight exchanges through the business collaborations. Your load is protected by proficient bundling servings to keep away from destruction through the transportation operation.

Air freight


Our aircraft load advantage covers general objectives with versatility. Collaborate with the key air bearers; we engineer your freight dispatch at the best rate with hoisted prerequisite advantage marvelously on time.

Multi modal Freight


Multi modal Freight can reserve you time and dispatching price. Royaltainer corporation offers Sea-Air cargo benefit when it's reasonable for your shipment. Our specialists and associates around the globe deal with the procedure from pickup to delivery.



Typical or vast trucks carriage, refrigerated or open, we offer you an incredible versatility with respect to the product we deliver and secure you a section stacking or emptying if it is your yearning and staying in the market values.

Customs clearance


Royaltainer corporation handles Customs clearance and legitimate systems to make transportation quicker and dodge any bother. Regardless of whether you're sending out or bringing, we would say get your loads cleared to assure straightforwardness and fulfillment.

Door to Door


The administrations begin when your door unbolted. Royaltainer corporation offers pick up and carriage servings from door to door, to anywhere around the globe. Picked delivering can be via air freight, sea freight, sea-air freight or even express dispatching.



We store your products in our storehouse in Bangkok. It is sheltered and put away in the top specification to safeguard your significant assets.



Proficient bundling services gave by experienced staff in view of the global models to guarantee the honesty of your products during the entire delivery operation. Besides, Royaltainer corporation can pack your particular products.